Michael English ... trained as a photographer and typographer at Leicester College of Art and Ealing School of Photography. After time spent in London working for various advertising agencies and magazine clients he worked for EMAP National Publications, leaving to join Unitam Creative Marketing. He set up his design practise in 1978.

He has won several awards for magazine design and was elected a Member of the Chartered Society of Designers in 1996.

Tealby Graphics is his design and marketing consultancy.

The creative process ~ looking good and working well ... his design philosophy

Design and marketing do not exist in isolation. They have to earn their keep. Clients want brochures, exhibition stands or websites to help them sell products and I try to never loose sight of this simple fact. I approach each and every job in the same way;

• define the aims and objectives with the client, then
• establish how these can be achieved through the creative process.

How does this work?

It is a two stage exercise that can be defined as a strategic campaign with tactical implementation. A strong corporate identity is the strategic starting point, this defines who and what you are. I begin by establishing or enhancing (or sometimes, simply using what exists) a client’s corporate image. Then using this as a graphics framework I define how the aims and objectives of any project can be achieved.

Talking to the world is the tactical implementation of a campaign. This may be corporate communications, information graphics, websites, packaging, exhibitions or even media advertising. The choice of medium(s) will depend on the client's requirements and target audiences. I believe that it is of upmost importance that whatever is designed must work effectively. The most creative brochure, the most fantastic packaging, the most trendsetting website or most impressive exhibition stand are not worth one penny if they do not enhance the business they represent and help them to achieve their objectives and sell products or services.

I believe there is one other feature that good design must achieve .... it must come in on budget .... however great or small that budget might be.

Of course design must transfer ideas and ideals and create effective communication and (to quote David Carson) it must never confuse communication with legibility.